da_spida (da_spida) wrote in marvel_society,

Hulk vs. Classic Thor related question?


I wondered if this scan was 616 canon, I never known Thor could lose to the Hulk. Which is why I find this event questionable. A friend of mine tells me that it was a story being told by some guy in a interview who made the whole thing up in an attempt to get Bruce Banners autograph. Is this true? I have the name of the book it's called "Hulk Let The Battle Begins #01".

Also, I have Thor #73 "The Betrayed" and Thor lays waste to The Thing and Hulk which is why I find the whole "Hulk Let The Battle Begin" encounter with Thor confusing. In Thor 73, was that a future version of Thor? (perhaps he becomes stronger in the future) Could that be the reason why he was able to kill both The Thing and Hulk without Odin Force or Mjolnir?
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