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[29 Mar 2011|09:45am]

Just put a handful of comics on ebay, check them out!



Hulk vs. Classic Thor related question? [27 Sep 2010|03:02pm]


I wondered if this scan was 616 canon, I never known Thor could lose to the Hulk. Which is why I find this event questionable. A friend of mine tells me that it was a story being told by some guy in a interview who made the whole thing up in an attempt to get Bruce Banners autograph. Is this true? I have the name of the book it's called "Hulk Let The Battle Begins #01".

Also, I have Thor #73 "The Betrayed" and Thor lays waste to The Thing and Hulk which is why I find the whole "Hulk Let The Battle Begin" encounter with Thor confusing. In Thor 73, was that a future version of Thor? (perhaps he becomes stronger in the future) Could that be the reason why he was able to kill both The Thing and Hulk without Odin Force or Mjolnir?

[23 Jul 2010|01:53am]

Hey, selling some more comics and action figures!


thanks for looking!


[15 Jul 2010|12:49am]


Some more comic books and action figures posted to ebay!

[15 Jun 2010|02:13am]

I put another batch of comics & action figures (and a few other random things) up on ebay

Click here!!!

Thanks for looking! :)

Comic Books & Action figures for sale [12 Jun 2010|11:52pm]

If this isn't allowed, mods, I apologize and please delete..

That having been said, I have hundreds of comic books that I'm trying to get rid of on ebay, there is a small bunch up now along with some action figures (and band t-shirts)

Right here.

This isn't even a small fraction of what I've got...

thanks for looking :D

Need a specific Spider-Man versus Wolverine scan. [24 Sep 2009|04:45pm]

Hi, looking for the scan where Spider-Man has Wolverine by the throat ready to decapitate him by severing his head from his shoulders. In the book Wolverine admits that Spider-Man could have taken his head off if he wanted to.

Does anyone have that scan?

Why Venom always loses to Spidey [26 Oct 2007|08:44am]

[ mood | creative ]

9:40 PM 10/25/07 · I have a fairly steady obsession in writing lists. Especially now as I don't have a car so I tend to write them on my PDA while I'm in transit. Something about walking, and not listening to music while I'm doing that, really gets the creative fluids flowing.

I actually started this list quite a stretch back. To give you an idea as to when, Eddie Brock still had the symbiote at the time. I started it and then forgot about it...probably thought to come back and add to it later. Was just skimming through old stuff earlier today and found it again. Think it's pretty good at its current size so here are my reasons why Venom always loses to Spidey:

  • Being a massively muscled thing, Venom defies the law of physics that states that black is slimming.

  • Constantly tripping over his own tongue.

  • Being symbiotic with two distinct personalities, Spidey sometimes just walks away when Venom is too busy arguing with himselves.

  • The same chemical the symbiote needs to survive can be found in chocolate...and as a chocoholic myself I can attest to the fact we can be buzzing happily to a degree we can't even think of violence.

  • Keeps slipping in his own drool.

  • Venom doesn't actually have spider powers, just simulated ones provided by the symbiote, and is therefore not as cool.

  • Venom's a bad guy who thinks he's a good guy and has adopted a twisted moral code. Guy can't even get being a villain right!

  • Even though the symbiote can jam Spidey's spider sense Venom really cannot avoid detection. The symbiote can take on any form of clothing its host can imagine and being bonded as it is...not like it can slip into a washing machine. The stink alone gives Spidey an edge.

  • Tends to bite his tongue a lot.

  • Constantly going on about eating people's brains has put him in a less than popular standing in most social circles.

lonely lawyer seeks members to community [18 Sep 2007|06:00pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

The Fandom Without fearBlind·Justice
Character discussions, Scans, Video links, Jokes, Icons, Fan Art...
...and anything else related to Daredevil that you can think of.

New Transformers Comm. [25 Aug 2007|05:18pm]

More Than Meets The EyeCollapse )

Any Transformers faithful in the house? In that case, get your tail runners in gear and join up with thetransformers community. Here we celebrate and discuss the nostalgia that is Transformers. It's a community where the fans can ask questions, post fanfics, get the latest up to date news, and much more. Call it a tribute to the blockbuster summer movie that made number 1 "new movie" of the year. Don't miss out! Be a part of the experience.


Marvel once did Transformers comics right. I think for anyone who is a fan of Marvel and happens to like Transformers as well should feel right at home in this comm. :)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Xbox 360 version DLC issues. [24 Aug 2007|07:58pm]

I got the hero/villain pack combo deal for Marvel UA (regular edition). The characters downloaded okay, almost okay... the problem is excluding one character (Hulk) the DLC chars DEFAULT outfits all say "locked" and if I were to switch them with another outfit I unlocked for the DLC character that I am using then I can't switch back to their default costume unless I start a new game.

This crap burns me up. The only DLC hero that this doesn't effect is the Hulk. For some reason I can access Hulk's default hero skin but not the other defaults because they say 'locked'. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Can it be helped?

Hey everybody [12 Aug 2007|12:16am]

Hey everybody, just wanted you guys to know I have a HUGGGGGEEEE auction going on right now. Its 36 Marvel Legends figures. Check it out and have a good one..


Spidey 3 Inconsistancies [29 Mar 2007|09:44am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

8:40 PM 3/26/07 · While it is a given that any movie made from a comic will not be exactly like the source material...it's kind of a thing for me to critique them anyway. It doesn't much matter in the grande scheme of things but as I do it in my head anyway...

...why not share?

This will not be spoiler filled unless you've not seen a trailer or two. Going from what I've seen of the sneak peeks into the 3rd Spidey film, I've noticed a few things that are just a tad off:
that said I don't suppose a wee little evil LJ·cut would hurtCollapse )
That's all I've got for now.


Just got this from one of the Heroes communities [06 Mar 2007|08:42am]

[ mood | shocked ]

DC refers to mutants in the literal term of the word. DC and Marvel have gone to court over the use of Mutants to describe super powered individuals.

Marvel also recently copyrighted the word "superhero" so you dont hear it being used much either.

Is this true?


Vengeance shall be mine! [15 Feb 2007|07:46am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

When Ghost Rider comes out I'm probably not going to go out and see it immediately; maybe a week or two after. I don't expect it to win any awards but I think I'll enjoy it and it's going to be visually killer!

So, I wanted to ask a wee favor of you all. Would you be willing to respond to this post with comments of what you thought of the film without going into much detail? I'd like a sense of it without having to deal with any spoilers.


which spirit of vengeance are we dealing with? [01 Feb 2007|03:22pm]

[ mood | why God? why?!? ]

6:30 PM 1/31/07 · While it is a given that any movie made from a comicbook series is never going to be bang on accurate...I still love to nitpick them. It's pointless, as I keep getting reminded from like everybody, but my fandom is very exacting...

...so don't give me crap about it, just accept it.

On the 16th of February Ghost Rider will be coming out and it has Nicholas Cage in the starring role as Johnny Blaze. Actually, as far as that goes I have no real problem with anything. I do think it might've been nice if they gave him that reddish·blond hair that Blaze is supposed to have but that's really a minor thing.

There's really only two major things I really take issue with.

Marvel Comics has, so far as the normal universe goes, had two major hellpowered Spirits of Vengeance known as the Ghost Rider. The first was Johnny Blaze, who was cursed with sharing his form with the demon Zarathos who was a devourer of souls. For a number of years Blaze had control if his demonic form but gradually Zarathos began to take control until eventually Blaze was believed to be purged of his curse.

The other one was Daniel Ketch who was not connected to Zarathos in any discernible way, though many from Hell that he encountered were positive he was. I missed the end of his series so I don't know specifically what the source of his abilities was but it was revealed that his family had a long tradition in the occult.

The two Ghost Rider's were similar in a lot of respects but a bit different on the finer points. The Blaze version generated a motocycle from hellfire and was virtually indestructable while possessing a level of enhanced strength. Ketch's version had all of this but was able to sear the souls of the guilty with hellfire from his eyes that he referred to as his penance stare. Unlike Blaze to begin with Ketch exhibited a secondary personality from his initial transformation but his version was obsessed with protecting the innocent. That and, primarily, Ketch used a singular motorcycle that transformed along with him. He never actually created a motorcycle from npthingness like Blaze did but he did once discover (while teamed with Wolverine & the Punisher) that he cound transform other motorcycles as well.

All of which isn't very important really but I'm setting up to something. The thing that bugs me about the film is that Cage looks more like Ketch than he does like Blaze and his version of the Ghost Rider also looks like Ketch's version. In addition to the weapon used in the film as Blaze never used one but Ketch used a mystical chain...

...there's a current Ghost Rider series going on that has a redesigned version of the Blaze version of the Spirit of Vengeance that looks a lot like the Ketch version, with a few noticeable differences though. On an interesting note, for those that know where to look, there's been news of the fact that Ketch is not only still alive but also still the Ghost Rider and he will be making an appearance in the not too distant future.

On a final note, I have a small issue with the fact that the bad guy setup to be in the film (not a spoiler as it's been in several commercials) is Blackheart. Nowhere in the comics did Blaze and Blackheart ever mix it up that I am aware of. Blackheart, who is the son of Mephisto, wasn't even born until sometime after Blaze initially stopped being the Ghost Rider and just a little bit before Ketch took on the mantle. If anything, Blackheart mixed it up with the Ketch version excessively...

...I have seen from the previews, as I may've mentioned before, that a cowboy bathes in hellfire is in the film, riding a spectral horse. This was an enemy of the Blaze version but I'm not 100% sure that's going to be the presentation here.

A very odd mix of things...which doesn't mean that I won't enjoy this movie but I'm still not certain how it's all gonna play out.

For the record, while there are really only 2 main versions of the Ghost Rider...there are two alternate versions as well. Another guy, that I don't know much about, took the name Vengeance and he often worked side by side with Ketch. In the Marvel 2099 series there was also a Ghost Rider in that far flung future time...though he was more technological than mystical.


The Gunslinger Born [27 Jan 2007|05:49pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

See and hear Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born as never before with this new trailer

ganked from LoganDanDan

Spidey [06 Nov 2006|10:55am]

[ mood | worried ]

Mentioned this a few times before but I'm doing it again because this one's getting xposted!

I've got a Spidey community and I've been working on a mood theme for it involving all the Spidey costumes I can find as well as a number of spider·type villains. While I was doing this, I sparked off two side projects: A restoration of my old Venom mood theme and a Spidey mood largely utilizing his classic outfit.

And thus, we have this:

Happy | Sad | Angry


Pretty simple:
  • Download your own set from the bottom link.

  • Find a handy place to host the mood set.

  • Use the Mood Theme Editor to set it up.

  • Prefer you download your own set but you may direct link at your own risk.


THE AVENGERS ARCADE [18 Oct 2006|08:02pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Greetings, True Believers!Collapse )

Hey! I'm da_spida, I've been in this community but haven't posted until now. I've been really busy so I didn't have time to introduce myself right away, so I am pleased that this is my first entry here. But anyway, I'm gonna skip the small talk. There is something I would like to know and I think you guys can help me out with this.

Some of you gamers have played the game Captain America and the Avengers before right? Or perhaps you know of it? My question is, do you know the guy that does the voice-overs for each individual Avenger? I'm talking about the one who uses those corny expressions such as "OKAY GO!" and "AMERICA, STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP!" and "I CAN'T MOVE!" yes, I mean him.

What IS his name??


Challenge of the day [13 Oct 2006|03:37pm]

[ mood | devious ]

It occured to me, while working on a project, that I've never seen Steve Martin in a truly bad role. By bad, I mean villainous. I think he's make a pretty decent bad guy...though probably not a major super baddie like Doctor Doom...

...he's more like The Riddler's level, I think.

From a comic series, or any kinda series, you can think of...what villain do you think Steve Martin would perform best as?


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